Measuring Impact

Research Impact can be defined as follows:

“The demonstrable contribution that research makes to academic advances, across and within disciplines, including significant advances in understanding, methods, theory and application.” (Research Councils UK)

Why measure impact

Publishing research and generating research impact secures funding for the growth of an academic institution and future research initiatives.

How and why to measure impact

Metrics and indicators are applied to research outputs as a measure of research quality and performance. 

How is impact measured ?

  • Peer review
  • Citation analysis and metrics
  • Esteem, influence, awards, prestige, broadcast media attention.
  • Research income
  • Public policy
  • Industry engagement 

A combination of indicators may be used to create a research impact statement to support

  • individual grant applications and applications for academic promotion 
  • demonstrate research performance for university rankings
  • demonstrate the value of research in public and community contexts 

Ways to maximize your impact

  • improve visibility of your research by creating your research profile(s)
  • use social media to build networks
  • establish a blog
  • use Twitter to develop influence
  • Create author identifier: ORCID
  • get credit for your research ( impact )
  • Use Open Access Publishing
  • Deposit your research outputs in an institutional repository 
  • greater dissemination = increased citation rates.

Metrics that can be used to evaluate your impact

  • Citations, h-index
  • Usage metrics: downloads and views ( repositories , profiles and blogs ) 
  • Metrics from social media, news outlets,open source web services: quantitative indicators of public reach and influence
  • Article level metrics: open access platforms  

More detailed guidelines on measuring your reserach impact can be found in the following guide:

Assessing Your Impact: the H-index and Beyond by Sandy De Groote, MLIS, AHIP, Scholarly Communications Librarian and Associate Professor