Composing a Systematic Review

Image promoting a guide to thte Systematic Review Process. A group of researchers are seen working together in this image.


There are several steps involved in the completion of a Systematic Review. The following guide to the Systematic Review process provides a summary of the key steps that are involved.


Steps Involved:


1. Identify the type of systematic review you wish to undertake.

2. Develop a specific question or protocol, this protocol will be referred to throughout the entire review.

3. Establish a team of collaborators who will work on the systematic review.

4. Create a detailed search strategy based on the study protocol.

5. Locate appropriate studies on the topic using library databases, books, journals, grey literature, and other resources.

6. Select appropriate and applicable studies on your research topic.

7. Manage your search results using Referencing Software.

8. Assess and critically evaluate the quality and value of these studies in reference to your protocol.

9. Extract the necessary data from the results included.

10. Analyse, summarise and synthesise the studies you have selected for review.

11. Interpret and evaluate the applicability of results.

12. Write your Systematic Review



The following guide will not only provide you and your team with an overview of the Systematic Review process but will also provide guidance on each element of the process, as well as providing information on essential resources which may prove helpful along the way.


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