Access Local Libraries


Cork PAL - Linking Learners & Libraries

- The major academic, public and special libraries in the Cork region have come together to agree a scheme of shared access to their respective print collections. This scheme (Pathways to Learning – PAL) allows those doing research or study, free of charge managed access to all of the main libraries in the Cork region.

- This provides MTU staff and students with wider access to libraries in the region, should their research or study require it. It also allows managed reference access to our own hard copy library resources for members of other libraries.

- Cork PAL is not designed to allow access for ongoing/long term study purposes, rather it gives limited access to libraries’ hard copy resources on a once or twice-off basis.

- MTU students that wish to visit another Library must know exactly what type of material they wish to consult in that library. This must be discussed with one of the MTU Cork PAL team before any visit is arranged.

- Cork PAL works on a referral basis. To get a referral letter and apply for access to another library, please talk to a member of the MTU Library Staff.

Libraries participating in Cork PAL

  • - MTU Libraries
  • - University College Cork
  • - Cork City & County Archives
  • - Cork County Library & Arts Service
  • - Cork City Council Libraries
  • - South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital
  • - Mercy University Hospital
  • - Cork University Hospital