Referencing Software

- Students, academics and researchers carry out a great deal of research in University and frequently write papers, assignments and reports. With so many different databases, online journals, and websites, it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to manage and organize so many references especially if you're referencing manually.

- But did you know that there are programs that can help you automatically manage and keep track of all of these references?

- Many free reference management software programs make the process of managing your references much easier and save you a great deal of time. These free software progams can be used throughout all of your time in University and beyond.

MTU Libraries encourage students and staff to try any of these three highly regarded reference management software programs, all of which are free to download. Click on the referencing software images below for more information.


MTU Libaries Support for Referencing Software

- MTU Libraries offer Referencing Software workshops throughout the Academic Term and we also provide Referencing software tutorials which can be found on our dedicated YouTube channel. Our workshops and online videos explain what referencing software is and explain how these free resources can be used in the most effective way when composing your assignments and conducting research.


Choosing a referencing software package that suits your particular requirements

- We encourage students and staff to try any of the free referencing software packages above and find one that suits your particular research and referencing requirements.

- While you can download and try any of these Referencing Software packages freely, we strongly suggest that you should only have one software package on your computer at any one time. For example if you decide to try Endnote Online and then decide to try Zotero, we recommend that you delete the Endnote Online software first.

- If you have already started to create a reference list in one particlar Referencing Software package you can easily migrate this list to a different package. There are numerous guides on the internet with instructions e.g. how to move your Zotero Library to Endnote Online etc.