SensusAccess - Accessible File Conversion

SensusAccess is a file conversion tool which uses a simple webform. SensusAccess allows you to convert files into the format which is most accessible and useful to you. This might be lecture notes into an mp3 to listen to on the go, scanned book pages into searchable PDFs to be used with text to speech software, or lecture slides into text to be read and adjusted on an E-Reader.

SensusAccess supports text in multiple languages and can be a great resource for language learning - you can even listen along to your readings.

For more ideas on how you can use SensusAccess to support your studies, take a look at the SensusAccess resources webpage.

You can use SensusAccess to convert documents:

- If you own the copyright 
- If it's your own work
- If you have permission from the copyright owner
- If the copyright has expired 
- If it's for someone with a print disability.


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