Please visit the MTU Cork Library homepage for a full listing of all opening times across all of our various libraries.

Opening times over holiday periods etc.will also be highlighted in the 'Latest News' section on our main homepage.

N.B. Please note that the Library system does not allow patrons to borrow or return items fifteen minutes prior to closing time.

The Library is available to all MTU Staff and Students. However, Corporate, Graduate and External Membership will also be considered. Online application forms are available here.

All Library Patrons must have a valid ID Card in order to gain entry.

For general information on the types of material that can be borrowed from MTU Libraries and the  how long this material can be borrowed for - please click here.

Lending rules for Undergraduate Students

Lending rules for Postgraduate Students

Lending rules for MTU Staff

Lending rules for MTU Kerry Members

Lending rules for Retired Staff

Lending rules for External Members

If you fail to return an item on or before its due date, you will be suspended from using your library account and will not be able to borrow or renew any books during that period. You will however still be able to view and use our e-resources. To view full details on the types of suspension you can face as a result of late loan returns, please visit borrowing-and-renewing

Suspensions are added to accounts to help make sure that all our users have equal and fair access to the library resources they need, when they need them.

To avoid suspensions on your library account, ensure that borrowed items are returned before or on the day of their due date.

Check your MTU Library account often to easily see when items are due back to the library.

Check your University email account for library notifications regularly: we will let you know when items are due back because they have reached the maximum number of renewals or another user has requested them.

We will email you as soon as an item is overdue. Return it as soon as possible to avoid a longer suspension.

For full details on suspensions that can be imposed, click here.

To find out which books you currently have on loan, simply bring your ID Card to the issue desk where a member of staff will give you the required details. Alternatively you can check your own borrower record using the Check my Account option.

The best way to find the books you need is to use the Online Library Catalogue. This will allow you to search under Author, Title, Keyword, Subject etc. To access the Library Catalogue, click here

You can also use Summon/MultiSearch to check the catalogue for books and other resources.

Yes, a library staff member will be happy to show you how to use the catalogue. Just call to the Library issue desk and ask us for help. Alternatively you can view a useful online tutorial here.

The library website offers a large selection of resources to assist all MTU staff and students with their research.

Visit our Supports for You section on the library website for great advice on:

E-Books & E-Journals


Writing an Assignment

Our MTU Library YouTube Channel also contains a large selection of videos and online tutorials on library resources.


Yes, our libraries provide an Inter Library Loan (ILL) service for Final Year and Post Graduate students which will provide any books, journals articles etc. that we do not stock or have online access to ourselves. To learn more about our ILL facility, click here:

Yes....retired staff members can borrow library material. For more details on this, please click here.

* Unfortunately due to copyright & licensing restrictions, retired staff members cannot access online library databases/electronic resources.

* To avail of this service, please talk to library staff at the issue desk and ask for your library account to be updated accordingly.