Library Staff Support

Image promoting library staff support for Systematic Reviews. Image depicts library staff member addressing group of research staff.


Service Level Agreement for Systematic Review Support


- MTU library staff provide systematic review training and support for staff and research students.

- If you require systematic review support, library staff offer ‘one to one’ training or group sessions which highlight key aspects of the review process.


During such sessions, you will receive guidance on the following:

  • - The purpose of a systematic review.
  • - The structure of the systematic review.
  • - The importance of carrying out a detailed literature search.
  • - Developing an efficient search strategy and Protocol using a suitable framework.
  • - Identifying other types of research material appropriate to the topic.
  • - Suitable ways to manage references throughout the review process.
  • - Exporting search results from databases to citation managers and selection software.
  • - Staying up to date with the research topic by setting up ‘search alerts’ in appropriate online databases.
  • - Reporting on the search methodology used throughout the review.


- Library staff will provide initial training and guidance on the systematic review process.


- Due to the in-depth and time intensive nature of the systematic review process, the library will not undertake reviews on behalf of the research group or work alongside the group during the review process. This includes not being able to contribute to the development of the search strategy over the course of the review process, execute searches, de-duplicate search results or create a reference management database.


- Your research co-ordinator should be able to provide additional guidance on such matters as developing your study methodology (research protocol), evaluating findings, and writing the systematic review.


- We suggest that all students and staff about to undertake a Systematic Review should firstly view MTU Library's guide to the - Process which is available to view on the MTU Library homepage.



  • - Systematic review training sessions will be provided on an appointment basis only.


  • - Requests for systematic review training sessions will be provided on a first come, first served basis.


  • - These sessions can be arranged at any time throughout the year and are available by appointment.