Reader Pen Borrowing Service

MTU Libraries now offer students an opportunity to borrrow a Reader Pen from their local campus library.

Reader Pens are convenient portable tools which support independent reading and literacy.

Reader Pens are particularly helpful for students with dyslexia or aphasia. They are also very useful for anyone where English is not their native language.


Features of the C-PEN 2 Reader Pen

 Reader Pens provide the following functionality:
•    Words or lines of printed text can be scanned and read aloud. 
•    Built-in dictionaries, where words can be defined, making it easier to understand the text.
•    Adjustable preferences - Choice of reading voice, reading speed, volume & pause duration.
•    Recognizes three languages: English, French, and Spanish.
•    Left or right-handed capacity.
•    Scan, store and transfer data to a PC or Mac - no software required.
•    A voice memo recorder.
•    Wi-Fi is not required. 
•    Speakers and earphones are connected via a jack port.
•    Rechargeable battery.


Borrowing Details:

- A total of 5 Reader pens are now available for borrowing purposes from each MTU Campus Library.

- 3 Reader Pens are available to borrow for 2 hour loan period within each library. (*Headphones may also be borrowed with reader pens to ensure the user can comfortably and discretely use the reader pen within the library).

- 2 Reader Pens are available to borrow for 3 days.


Reader Pens and Headphones are available to book online below:


 Bishopstown Campus Library

 Cork School of Music Library

 Crawford College of Art & Design Library

 National Maritime College


This is a self service product but there are training materials available, these can be viewed below.

Instructional Videos Playlist

C-Pen 2 Reader Pen Infographic Instructions 


This project is an initiative of the MTU Library Library Learning Community in collaboration with Student Partners and was funded by the Students as Partners NTUTTOR Fellowship Scheme