Referencing Guides

Referencing your work

(Guidelines updated in June 2020)

When writing a piece of work you will need to refer in your text to material written or produced by others. This procedure is called citing or quoting references. Consistency and accuracy are important to enable readers to identify and locate the material to which you have referred. The same set of rules should be followed every time you cite a reference. 

The most widely used referencing system used in the Munster Technological University to reference your essays, reports, thesis etc. is the Harvard System. The Harvard system provides for in-text citation and the creation of a bibliography at end of your work.

Please note that while the Harvard referencing system is the most commonly used referencing style in MTU, other referencing styles, such as A.P.A., M.L.A and others may be used in your particular course. Please consult with your lecturer to confirm which style to use.

Below you will find a series of guides to the most popular referencing styles and instructions on how they should be used, we have provided referencing guides for undergraduate students as well as more detailed guides for postgraduate students.


Referencing guides for undergraduate students

A Guide to Plagiarism

General Guide to Referencing

Guide to APA Referencing

Guide to IEEE Referencing

Harvard - A Quick Guide

Harvard - An Introductory Guide for Undergraduate Students

A Guide to MLA Referencing

A Guide to Chicago Referencing


Referencing guide for Legal Resources

MTU Harvard Referencing Guide for Legal Resources


Referencing guides for postgraduate students

Advanced Guide to Harvard Referencing for Postgraduates

Advanced Guide to APA Referencing for Postgraduates

Advanced Guide to Chicago Referencing for Postgraduates

Advanced Guide to MLA Referencing for Postgraduates

Advanced Guide to IEEE Referencing for Postgraduates

Formatting Guidelines for Postgraduate Research Theses