Taking Breaks

Taking regular breaks when studying is essential. Now that you’re studying remotely you can build you study schedule around what works best for you in terms of your productivity but it’s still important to take regular breaks.

Don’t try to force yourself to study when your brainpower isn’t at its peak. Try to study when you’re most alert, so you can process and retain the information that you are studying.

Taking regular breaks from study allows you to stay mentally focused and ensures that you don’t become exhausted. Step away from your study notes and laptop once every hour and get some fresh air, talk to a friend over the phone or grab a tea/coffee.

It's also a good idea to take in some exercise between your study sessions to avoid back ache and pains related to staying in the one position for too long. Students can find some useful and simple exercising tips to avoid aches & pains at the following Link.

After a day of study, it's a good idea to remove your study materials from your work area until the following day and enjoy the rest of your evening.