Using Bibliometrics: A Guide to evaluating research performance

What is meant by the term Bibliometrics?

Bibliometrics are a useful tool that can help researchers make important decisions when deciding where to publish research as well as helping gather valuable information in relation to the impact of their published research.

Bibliometric tools can help researchers raise their own profile within the academic community as well as the profile of their Institution.

What impact can be measured with bibliometric data?

Article/Book Impact: The impact of particular works, such as journal articles, conference proceedings, and books, can be measured by the number of times they are cited by other works.

Journal impact: The impact of particular academic journals can be measured by the number of times their articles are cited and where they are cited.

Researcher impact: The number of works a researcher has published and the number of times these works have been cited can be an indicator for the impact of an individual researcher

Institutional impact: The prestige of a department or area of research within an institution can be measured by the collective impact of its individual researchers compared to those at other institutions.