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About the CIT Cork School of Music Fleischmann Library

The CIT Cork School of Music, with an area of over 12,900 sq.m., is the first purpose-built building of its kind in Ireland. The building consists of:

  • Specialist tuition areas
  • Auditorium
  • Black box theatre
  • Live recording studio
  • Drama suite
  • Lecture rooms
  • State of the art library

The School includes the most advanced IT, communication and specialist audio systems which together form a world-class environment for audio teaching and learning.

In Autumn 2016 enrolment will be 3,850 of which 400 are full-time students. Located in the centre of Cork City overlooking the River Lee, the School functions as a centre of musical excellence for students from primary right up to PhD level.

The Library boasts the following features:

The pillars which support a library are three-fold and the CIT CSM Fleischmann Library fulfils all three criteria.

Music related books

In the first instance it houses a vast amount of music-related books, and journals, many of which are now in digital form.

Audio-Visual Material

To provide the basis for every musician, there is a wealth of recorded sound, 78s, vinyl LPs, CDs and DVDs, and much of this has also been digitised.

Printed-Sheet Music

The Library possesses a wide variety of printed sheet-music, covering all the instruments taught in the school, including scores for the orchestras and chamber ensembles.

The Library has a dedicated section for the drama department of the school. In addition, it houses the books for the combined UCC/CIT Architectural course. 

On a separate platform, there are three other components which complement the lending library. These are sets of scores for all the orchestras, wind ensembles and choirs that are part of the school curriculum. These are available only to staff members who conduct the groups.

Specialist Collections

The Library stock has benefited hugely from the kindness of ex-staff members and the public who have donated their material as specialist collections:  Gerald Goldberg’s family donated all his records, which span 50 years of his astute listening; Aloys Fleischmann’s family donated all of his textbooks on music and a wide array of scores; Dave Moran donated 2,000 items, mostly of 19th century ballad sheets, many beautifully engraved; many staff members donated the very books with which they taught their instruments down through the years; in 2015, on the closure of the St. Cecilia Orchestra and from the estate of John Beckett, the  Library was offered the vocal scores and the orchestral parts for the entire Bach Cantatas. Combine this with all the current  purchasing of new books for all the degree courses, and the collection is indeed impressive.

CD/DVD Collection

The Library audio-visual collection has also been considerably enhanced by donations from the public: the Norman Young bequest consisted of 2,500 CDs ranging from the earliest music right up to modern pop music and many jazz and blues items; the Tony Duggan bequest consisted of  500 CDs and DVDs - mostly specialist Wagner productions.

Personal Computers

The Library contains state-of-the-art computers which provide the students with all the software programmes, such as Sibelius, needed for their degrees.


The Library currently subscribes to a number of music-related journals and periodicals, in both print and electronic formats.



Photocopying/Printing Facilities:

Photocopying/Printing facilities are available within the Library. We would ask students to please abide by Copyright rules when copying. These are clearly displayed in the photocopying area.