Catalogue Search Tips


Start Searching the Library Catalogue



The Library's on-line catalogue is a windows-based OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue). This catalogue can be accessed inside the Library from a number of dedicated computers and externally via any computer with access to the Internet. To access the CIT catalogue simply use the following web address


The OPAC may be searched in a number of ways.

Start your search by choosing “Search the Catalogue” under the heading “Catalogue Options”. The various search options are now shown on a menu and are selected by using the mouse to point the cursor over the relevant option (the arrow will become a hand) and then clicking on the left hand mouse button.

The different types of search option are briefly described below:


Search by author if this is the only information you have about a book or if you wish to see a list of books by a particular author. Type in the surname first.


Search by title if you know the exact title, otherwise search by keyword.


Select this option if you are searching for a particular journal or series.


Select this option if you know both the author and the title of a specific book.


Select this option if you wish to see which books the Library holds on a certain subject or if you are unsure of the complete title of the item required.


Search by individual Subject Headings.


Select this option if you already know the class mark of books that you are interested in. Please note though that individual items cannot be retrieved this way.


Select this option if you know the exact ISBN of a book or ISSN of a journal.

To start your search once you’ve entered the appropriate information either press ENTER or click on SUBMIT SEARCH.



Once the search is completed either the details of the specific book/periodical matching the search enquiry will be displayed, a list of possible matches or, if no matches were found, an alphabetical list of close matches will be displayed.

If no matches have been found you can use the option at the top of the results list to resubmit your search under a different category.

TIP: click on the blue hypertext links to find other material either by the same author, on the same subject or at the same shelf number.


Move around the OPAC by pointing and clicking the mouse over the various navigation buttons which appear at the top and bottom of each screen.
The options available will vary according to which screen you are currently on, for example:


To return to main search options screen.


To start another search of the same type as the one just completed.


To move backwards and forwards through your results.


To view the location of the item as well.


To return to viewing the brief bibliographic records.


Once you have found what you are looking for, if the full bibliographic details are not already supplied, click on the blue text of the brief display and the full details will appear.

At the bottom of the screen the location, shelf number and status of the item will be displayed. Look at the STATUS column to see if any of the copies are available for loan. If a copy is available note down the location and shelf number.
For example

CIT STORE ITEM ----------------------------330.1
CIT LENDING ---------------------------------330.1

The first copy is located in the STORE and the second copy is in the Main Lending area within the Library. To locate either copy of the item please take note of the corresponding Shelf number / Dewey number.


If an item is on loan you can reserve it, simply bring all of the details of the item to the Issue Desk and a member of the library staff will reserve the item for you. Please note that you can only reserve items which are on loan at the particular time. Short loan items and Reference Only material cannot be reserved.


Once a search has been completed, you can make the results more specific, by clicking on “LIMIT THIS SEARCH”
You will be presented with a list of different options of which you may select any combination to limit your search. Options include, year of publication, material type, language, publisher, where an item is located and words in title/author or subject.
Either type in the information you wish to limit by, or use the pull down menus by clicking on the arrow button to the right of the text box and highlighting the desired option.
Click on LIMIT/SORT ITEMS... and the new results displayed will have been limited by your specifications.


If you would like to save your search results you can "export" them either to your email account or to a floppy disk.
To do this you must first "mark" the records you are interested in, by checking the box to the left of the bibliographical details (under the "mark" column).
Once you have selected all the records you want, click on SAVE MARKED RECORDS. You can continue to "save" records throughout your search session.
When you have finished selecting records, click on EXPORT MARKED LIST. You will then be asked what format you require, select "full display" and then select whether you wish to export the records to your email address or to local disk.


Print a Guide on how to search the Library Catalogue